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Melissa Netzband

Library Liaison to the Roberts Wesleyan College Academic Community


Google Hangouts:


  • Mansfield University of Pennsylvania - B.A. Music (Vocal), B.A. History
  • State University of New York at Buffalo - MLIS

Library Research Interests:

  • Core literacy assumptions we make of our students, and how to fill those gaps so our students can succeed.
  • The connection between information literacy education and civics education.

Other Research Interests:

  • Digital, Data, and Technology Literacy
  • Military History
  • The normalization of the Leitmotif

Biographical Notes:

When I am not at Roberts, I can be found playing with my Australian Shepherd, Hugh Dingo, singing at church, passionately yelling at my television during a football or hockey game, or watching/reading a beloved story. Being a librarian, many would assume I am the quiet type, while the opposite is generally the case.

Typical Work Day:

I could be doing anything from filming and editing youtube videos to assist the Roberts community with their research, teaching a class, or working one-on-one with students and faculty on research. If there is food or therapy dogs in the building you will likely find a very happy librarian there.

Favorite Part of My Job:

Working with students on research that they are passionate about. There is nothing better.

Favorite Book:

  • Books of the Bible: Luke and Colossians
  • Others: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
  • anything by Emily Ley
  • Leadership: In Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Call Us What We Carry: Poems by Amanda Gorman


Singing, Hiking, Baking/Cooking, Traveling to New Places, Reading.

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