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December 10, 2019

Golisano Library Receives RRLC Grant

The Golisano Library is pleased to announce that it has secured a grant to digitize a portion of the Roberts Wesleyan College Chesbronian Collection. The RRLC Technology Grant award, totaling $3,970, will provide funding for the necessary technology and staff time to digitize yearbooks from 1923 through 1965.

The project will occur in four stages, starting with the securing of a book/document scanner and the digitization of yearbook pages by a student intern. Once all images are captured, the student intern will assist with the creation of metadata, followed by the uploading of all digital content to the NY Heritage site. Over the course of the following year, the library will assess the use of this collection and identify other archival collections warranting digitization.

The Chesbronian digitization project was one of five projects recommended for funding by the Committee on Information Technology (CITE) as part of the RRLC Regional Automation Program. The Golisano Library was praised by the CITE Committee and the Advisory Committee for our commitment to adding new content to the NY Heritage website and for efforts to develop this project into an ongoing experiential learning opportunity.


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