The Golisano Library and 24-hour area are open to Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern students, faculty, and staff. 

We are so excited fish have names. Please help us in welcoming the library fish including Spike, Seabass, Socrates, Bubba, Zoom, Broccoli, Theophilus, Dorothy, Harry, Mordecai, That One, Sharky.



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October 1, 2020

Archives Display

The archives display is a compilation of artifacts the library has collected and housed since the founding of the Roberts Wesleyan College. We have photographs and personal items from B. T. Roberts and his family, as well as documentation of their lives on this Earth prior to their departure. 


The history of the college illustrates that through fire, recession, and many other disasters Roberts and Northeastern have been able to weather the storm, and will continue to do so. God has brought us repeatedly to new heights, and we can take courage that He will again. 


Come visit the display and read up on the founding ideals on social justice, reform, and sustaining Christian character in a time of turmoil.


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