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Ares - Course Reserves 

Ares the Course Reserves manager will allow you to put both physical materials (i.e. books, journals) as well as electronic (i.e. journal articles, book chapters) on reserve. Use this guide to help you set up your course reserves in Moodle. 

Reserves Copyright Information 

 Physical Reserves

The item must be owned by one of the following:

  • Golisano Library
  • Professor
  • Department

 Electronic CMS Reserves

Most electronic articles must be reserved using permanent links to databases or publishers’ sites. Use this guide for creating permanent links.

Scanning guidelines:

  • As with physical reserves, the item must be owned by one of the above.
  • Limit - approximately 10% or one chapter/article from a book/journal
  • PDF must include a scan of title and copyright pages

 Click here for more information about copyright  


To find your complete list of Course Reserves (both hard copy and electronic items):

  1. Access your course's Moodle page through the Intranet at
  2. Click on the Course Reserves link:
    Course Reserves link
  3. You will see a list of your Course Reserves in a table.
  4. For electronic reserves (journal articles and book chapters), click the link that says “View Item.” Some items will be posted as PDFs and others as links to the library databases. You will always have access to the full text.
  5. Hard copy reserves (books and DVDs) area available for checkout at the Golisano Library Resource Desk. Most hard copy items are loaned for 2 Hours - In Library Use. Some professors choose to set longer loan periods for items such as DVDs.